How to safely survive a storm while driving?

Do you know how to effectively steer a vehicle during a storm? Don't lose your head in challenging weather conditions - learn how to safely reach your destination...

30 Aug, 2023
How to safely survive a storm while driving?

Summer thunderstorms pose additional challenges for drivers on the road. What to avoid and what steps to take during a downpour? Answers to these questions and more can be found in the following text.

Driving During a Storm – Be Prepared!

Before You Embark on a Journey, Especially a Long One, Always Check the Weather Forecast. It’s Simple but Effective. Pay Special Attention to the Short-term Forecast. RCB (Road Condition Broadcasts) Can Also Be Useful. Storms in cities often cause traffic disruptions due to flooded streets or fallen tree branches. It’s worth leaving earlier and accepting that the journey may take longer than usual. Before departure, ensure your phone is charged; you never know when you might need to call for help or inform loved ones about your safety.

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Car During a Storm—Park Safely!

Intense rainfall or hail can damage your car. When visibility is limited, and you feel that it’s not safe to continue driving, it’s best to find a secure location to wait out the weather. In such situations, if possible, park your car away from large trees and other potentially hazardous elements.

During a hailstorm, avoid attempting to cover your car with blankets or other materials. While this might protect the bodywork from dents, it could also lead to flooding.

Storm on the Highway – Drive Safely!

On the highway, exits are placed every several or dozens of kilometers, so you might not always be able to safely stop your vehicle during a storm.

In such a situation, follow a few principles:

Reduce your speed; intense rain not only limits visibility but also extends braking distance.

Turn on your low beam headlights, and if necessary, your rear fog light as well.

Maintain a considerable distance from vehicles ahead of you to be able to react safely to potential hazards.

Set the air vents to the front windshield and turn on the air conditioning to prevent interior window fogging.

w trakcie burzy w aucie engo cars

What to do if our car is struck by lightning?

We often wonder what will happen if lightning strikes our car. A car acts like a Faraday cage, which means the electrical charge flows around the vehicle, keeping passengers inside safe. However, in some cases, lightning can damage the vehicle, especially its electronic systems. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid parking your car in an open area during a storm to reduce the risk of being struck by lightning.

In summary, driving a car during a storm requires proper caution. It’s important to be well-prepared before setting out, keep track of the weather forecast, and react sensibly to challenging weather conditions. Let’s prioritize the safety of ourselves and other road users while minimizing the risk of dangerous situations on the road.

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