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Automotive News in the ENGO CARS Fleet

Discover why Hyundai KONA and Santa Fe Hybrid are redefining the new standard in automotive technology!

Reviews and comparisons
15 Dec, 2023
Automotive News in the ENGO CARS Fleet

ENGO Cars is keeping up with the latest automotive trends, offering customers two novelties that are sure to capture the attention of enthusiasts of modern and advanced automotive technologies.

The Hyundai KONA and Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid models are not only vehicles characterized by stylish design but also innovative solutions that make driving an unforgettable experience!

Hyundai KONA HEV


The next-generation Hyundai KONA represents progress in design, performance, and innovation, delivering even greater driving pleasure to users. It includes advanced safety features and class-leading range

The distinctive front with the Seamless Horizon lamp highlights the SUV character, giving the vehicle a dynamic look. The interior of the new KONA features two integrated 12.3-inch screens. An innovative approach to locking, unlocking, and starting the vehicle using a digital key with NFC technology. The new generation is equipped with the latest safety systems, such as Highway Driving Assist (HDA) and a 360° camera system that facilitates parking in tight spaces.

The KONA HEV 1.6 T-GDi offers impressive performance while maintaining fuel efficiency. The electric motor working in conjunction with the petrol engine ensures dynamic acceleration. The regenerative braking system, on the other hand, increases energy efficiency, setting new standards in the B-SUV segment

Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid


The first generation of the Santa Fe model, introduced in 2000, was Hyundai’s pioneering step into the SUV segment. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Santa Fe has become an icon of the brand, and now, in its fourth generation, it presents itself more prestigious than ever before.

The new Santa Fe impresses with a bold and wide front grille that elegantly extends to the new fully LED headlights. The daring design, characteristic of this generation, emphasizes the modernity of this SUV. The interior of the vehicle surprises with unprecedented spaciousness and luxury. The 12.3-inch diagonal digital instrument cluster and the 10.25-inch touchscreen make the Santa Fe cabin a place of comfort and modernity.

The Santa Fe Hybrid is the response to the growing demand for more environmentally friendly cars without compromising on elegance and performance. The dynamic duo of the petrol engine and a powerful battery-driven electric motor takes fuel efficiency to a new level. The Santa Fe Hybrid smoothly switches between engines, sometimes utilizing them simultaneously, making it a fully parallel hybrid. The efficient electric motor and the new 6-speed automatic transmission are key components ensuring low fuel consumption. Additionally, the HTRAC™ all-wheel-drive system enables it to handle slippery roads and challenging off-road conditions.

Availability in the ENGO CARS Subscription

These Hyundai innovations are now available in the subskrypcji samochodowej ENGO CARS. Customers can now enjoy unparalleled performance, elegance, and the latest technological solutions without the need for long-term commitments.

Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid and Hyundai KONA HEV are true gems in the ENGO CARS fleet. Elegant, modern, technologically advanced with unparalleled performance – these cars will define the future of automotive. Available in the subscription without long-term commitments and unexpected costs, providing flexibility without unnecessary formalities.

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