Mercedes-Benz C 300 e 4MATIC AMG Line Premium Plus

Mercedes-Benz C 300 e 4MATIC AMG Line Premium Plus

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No surprises: You drive the new car. ENGO take care of of the rest. All covered in a single monthly fee. Flexible subscription - after the minimum period of 6 months, you can extend, terminate or exchange the vehicle for a new one.

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Benefits of ENGO
All-inclusive except fuel. Financing, Service, Tires, Insurance, Assistance 24h
Easy get started without complicated procedures
Comfort and savings without the need to buy a car, variable installments and long-term obligations
Mileage included: 1500 km/month. Additional: 500 km +369 zł/month. Additional: 1000 km +738/month
– You decide what suits you best
With FLEX option cancel your subscription free of charge
Completely online with free door-to-door delivery



Tax excluded 6705.59 zł /mon.

Would you like to determine the availability of this or a similar model? Contact us, we will advise you!

Vehicle Data




C class


Plug-in Hybrid (Benzin)

Power (hp)


CO₂ Emissions (wltp)








Drive Type

All wheel

Consumption (wltp)




Navigation system

Parking sensors

Cruise control

Automatic air condition

Reversing camera


Panoramic roof

Apple CarPlay i Android Auto

Heated front seats

Camera panoramic 360°

LED headlights

Leather upholstery

Electric opening tailgate

Surround Sound System

Mercedes-Benz C 300 e 4MATIC AMG Line Premium Plus

  • P55 Night Package
  • PAX DIGITAL LIGHT with projection function
  • P17 KEYLESS-GO Package
  • P47 Parking package with 360° camera
  • P54 GUARD 360° theft protection package
  • PYH Equipment package with AMG line
  • PYO Premium Plus Equipment Pack
  • 413 Panoramic Roof
  • 444 Head-up display
  • 355 Extended MBUX Features
  • 501 360° Camera
  • 51U Fabric headliner - black
  • 581 THERMOTRONIC automatic air conditioning
  • 75B USB Package
  • 810 Burmester 3D surround sound system
  • 840 Tinted windows with thermal insulation
  • 851 Acoustic insulated glass
  • 881 Remote tailgate closing
  • H04 Interior trim elements - black wood with aluminum lines
  • U19 Augmented Reality for MBUX
  • U34 The dashboard and the upper part of the doors are trimmed with leather-like material
  • 893 KEYLESS-GO starter
  • 894 Premium Ambient Lighting
  • Included in the price
    Mileage package

    Monthly car subscription includes a package of free kilometers: 1500 km/per month. You can purchase an additional kilometer package before the rental starts. Additional: 500 km +369 zł/month. Additional: 1000 km +738 zł/month. – You decide what suits you best. Please contact us after booking for this. Additional kilometers outside the package cost: 0,80 zł/km including VAT and will be settled after returning the vehicle.

    Daily car rental includes a free kilometer package: 100 km per day. Additional kilometers outside the package cost: 0,80 zł/km including VAT and will be settled after returning the vehicle.

    Guaranteed model

    We guarantee the highest quality and premium comfort. That is why we offer the richest car models, new or young cars with low mileage. We want the use of ENGO to be a unique experience for you. By booking the selected car model and brand, you will receive the exact car model, no disappointment (it may differ only in body color).

    Assistance 24h/7

    You are covered by the Assistance 24h / 7 service in the event of vehicle immobilization, locking the keys, puncture of the tire, lack of fuel, road collision. You will get free help from our support team and be back on the road quickly. Depending on the situation, an additional charge for fuel or new tires may apply.

    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

    You are covered by protection against damage to the car. Your financial responsibility is limited to the amount of the excess: 4920 zł. You are not charged extra for this limitation of liability. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) operates under the condition that the car is used in accordance with the rental regulations. In the event of a collision and damage to the car, you are required to submit a report to the Police confirming the circumstances of the damage to the car.

    Theft Protection (TP)

    You are covered by car theft protection. Your financial responsibility is limited to the amount of the excess: 4920 zł. You are not charged extra for this limitation of liability. Theft Protection (TP) works under the condition that the car is used in accordance with the rental regulations. In the event of a car theft, you are required to submit a report to the Police confirming the circumstances of the theft. You can reduce your deductible in the next step by selecting the Additional protection option.

    Winter Package

    In the winter period from November 1 to March 31, ENGO cars are equipped with winter tires marked with M + S, MS, M&S or the alpine symbol 3PMSF (We do not use all-season tires because they are not accepted to enter Austria, Switzerland in winter, Slovakia or Italy). It should be noted that winter tires are an additional accessory for a new car and are not an integral part of its purchase. As part of the ENGO subscription, you do not incur any additional fees for the purchase of winter tires, seasonal replacement and storage.

    VAT and other registration fees

    Rental fees include local VAT. You do not incur any additional fees for car registration.

    Delivery (Door to Door)

    Car delivery. We will deliver the car to your home at a location under 'Door to Door'. There are no delivery charges for the designated location from Monday to Friday. On weekends, on public holidays and for rentals less than 7 days, the cost of delivery of the vehicle is EUR 246 incl. tax VAT. You can also decide on a paid delivery of the vehicle to a selected city outside the indicated location - the estimated cost of delivering the car (distance x EUR 1,85 incl. VAT). Please contact us about this.

    Car return. You have two options: return the vehicle free of charge by contacting us and delivering it to the Warsaw location, or you can also choose to collect the vehicle from your location for a fee. Please contact us about this.

    Delivery to Warsaw Chopin airport. We also provide a Meet & Greet service at the airport to make it easier for you to pick up your car upon arrival. On the day of your arrival, an ENGO employee will greet you at the airport at the meeting point provided during booking and then you will be directed to pick up your car smoothly. Regardless of whether you are traveling alone or with your family, during a business trip or vacation, we will make sure that your trip around Poland is an unforgettable experience.

    Rental requirements
    Driving license EU, International Driving Permit

    A driving license valid in Poland and the European Union is required. Each of the people who will drive the rented vehicle must have a valid driving license for the entire rental period. All European Union (EU) driving licenses are accepted. Driving licenses of citizens of other countries must be obligatorily supplemented with an international driving license. American and Canadian citizens should have the International Driving Permit - (IDP), in which case they will also be treated as persons authorized to drive a vehicle in the territory of the Republic of Poland and the entire EU. Ukrainian citizens who have a Ukrainian driving license may use their own Ukrainian driving license in Poland and throughout the EU in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. You must have a full driving license valid for at least 24 months at the time of rental.

    Payment method, deposit

    We offer the highest possible level of security when making online payments, which are subject to the international Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) as well as EMV and 3-D Secure. We do not accept cash payments. In the next step, we will ask you for your payment card details (credit or debit). The card details are safe, they are not processed or stored in our systems. ENGO will charge the Lessee according to the applicable rental fee and the Price List. The tenant is obliged to provide the current payment method details and in the event of their change, immediately update them in the customer's account. The Lessee authorizes ENGO to debit the Lessee's account using the current data obtained.

    Your payment card will be charged before the start of the rental and handover of the car. The amount that will be charged to the payment card includes the rental fees and the deposit indicated in the rental agreement. The deposit is equal to the deductible in the damage: 4920 zł. You will receive the lease agreement for signature in electronic form after making the reservation. After proper performance of the contract, the deposit will be immediately released in accordance with the date of the bank issuing your card. The rental fee is not refunded if the vehicle is picked up late or returned earlier. The driver and payment method specified at the booking stage are not subject to change.

    Minimum age 25 years

    You must be at least 25 years old to rent this vehicle. If you are under 25 you will be charged an additional young driver cost.

    Cancellation Policy

    You can cancel your subscription every month for free or change to another car, just contact us before the date of your monthly subscription billing period.

    Currency information

    When booking a car, you will pay in the USD/EUR/PLN currency of your choice. The prices shown during the booking process have been stated as binding, so if you make a reservation, e.g. in USD, your payment card will be charged in USD. When you select EUR currency, your payment card will be charged in EUR.

    Monthly subscription

    In the case of a monthly subscription, we charge a monthly fee from your card every month (billing period). Your card will be charged monthly in full billing cycles on the same day until you tell us that you want to cancel. You can resign before the billing period in each month or the contract will expire at the end of its term. If you plan to use the car in less than a month, choose the daily offer. However, if you plan to use a minimum of one month and return the car to us any day before the end of the monthly billing period, the fee will be charged for the full monthly billing period, not daily, even if you return the car a few days earlier. Remember that the ENGO subscription is always tailored to you and your needs and gives you complete freedom. You can use it for as long as you want, stop at any time or change the car when you decide.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    An ENGO car subscription gives you the freedom and comfort of using new, attractive cars, without long-term obligations as in the case of car leasing or long-term rental. You can choose any car suitable for you online and book it without leaving your home. After starting the subscription contract, you can use it even the next day and if you have to wait for the car, we will provide the car until then.

    A car subscription is a simple way to travel in a new car without having to deal with the hassle of purchasing, financing, insurance, tires, servicing and all the burdens of ownership and paperwork.

    We eliminate the costs and complexity of purchasing and owning a car, which allows us to offer low monthly payments and short periods from 1 to 12 months compared to long-term contracts such as leasing or long-term rental. Thanks to the ENGO subscription, you can ensure flexible use of cars in the company, take care of benefits for your talents and maintain a high level of employee satisfaction.
    ENGO CARS offers a convenient and comfortable car rental service without the burden of purchasing, owning a car and selling it. We cover and eliminate the risk of insurance increases, financing, servicing and depreciation costs, as well as applicable taxes when selling the vehicle - we offer a stress-free and priceless experience of use. We provide convenient vehicle return and a new one door to door! Unlike an ENGO car subscription, standard vehicle leasing is based on a contract that binds you with a long-term commitment to repay the vehicle for up to five years and additional costs that are not included in the initial price, such as permanent insurance, full service with brake pads, unlimited tires winter insurance with seasonal replacement, or loss of vehicle value. When renting an ENGO car, your subscription includes everything except fuel. At the end of your car subscription, you can conveniently change your car to a new one.
    If your car subscription comes to an end, we will contact you with an offer to replace the car with a new one. Just make a reservation at and we will deliver your new car and pick up your old one free of charge. With the FLEX option, you can terminate your ENGO subscription free of charge each month, according to your billing period. All you need to do is let us know that you want to finish your current car. Vehicle returns are subject to the transparent rules applicable at ENGO, which you can read about in our regulations. As an ENGO customer, you use our loyalty program and receive attractive discounts, special offers, free returns, additional kilometers and benefits when sharing with friends.
    Every day we help companies ensure mobility for owners and their important employees in a comprehensive and flexible way. You can ensure comfort and benefits in your company and maintain a high level of satisfaction thanks to our flexible car subscription contracts from 1 to 12 months.

    Every day we save your time and minimize risk so that you can enjoy maximum benefits, savings and the pleasure of driving new cars and focus on your core business. We do not apply upfront fees, complicated procedures, hidden costs or long contracts.

    When we take into account all the factors that determine the purchase of cars for a company, including the costs of long waits for delivery, downtime, purchase financing, variability of installments and insurance, unforeseen service, additional seasonal tires, management costs and claims settlement, taxes and maintenance fees your own fleet, then when you compare all this with a single monthly ENGO subscription fee, which covers all of the above and guarantees flexibility, time savings and comfort for your employees - the answer to this question will be easy, right? :-)