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ENGO CARS supports companies of all sizes, both corporations and medium- and small-sized organizations, including ones like yours.

We know how many problems running a business brings, how many challenges and burdens it involves. Many of our clients were looking for compromise solutions in the area of car fleet and management that would minimize costs and decision risk. With our customers' experiences and needs in mind, we encourage you to learn about our answer to most of the mobility challenges we know.

We offer a modern solution at your disposal - ENGO car subscriptions. Without the need to buy and own cars, without the burden of leasing, maintaining, servicing and selling them. Choose maximum mobility and freedom of movement in the modern world, where freedom and effectiveness in achieving intended business goals are important. Discover an attractive form of using new cars, the conditions of which are perfectly suited to your business.

We offer the Car Subscription service as a modern solution to ensure mobility in your company. Modern and safe cars, well-equipped models that will perfectly meet the needs of your employees, including ecological ones in harmony with nature and premium brands. We offer electromobility at your fingertips to test it or stay with it for longer. Cars available immediately with low risk of obtaining them.


How are we doing? What customer problems do we solve?

1. We know that choosing and purchasing cars is a long-term process and the inevitable problem of waiting even many months. We see that our customers have problems with the availability of cars, which is why we have cars available immediately and we guarantee 24-hour delivery.

2. We notice that in many companies, employee turnover is increasing and there are often problems with obtaining a car quickly and returning it flexibly when needed. Therefore, ENGO Car Subscription is the answer to this problem and our guarantee of flexibility.

3. We see how important time is in business, and our clients, concentrating on their own business, do not want to spend time on tedious formalities and lengthy processes of obtaining cars in traditional leasing or long-term rental. Additionally, the company's time and resources are taken up by servicing, replacing tires, adjusting damages, etc. Therefore, our ENGO Car Subscription solves this problem for customers, because the entire burden related to the purchase, financing, insurance, along with claims settlement, servicing and maintenance of the car is borne by ENGO CARS.

4. When customers use traditional methods of purchasing and financing their fleet, they pay attention to the lack of sufficient responsiveness and quality of service from leasing and long-term rental service providers. That's why at ENGO CARS we provide a dedicated customer service representative who deals with all unexpected problems immediately, and the car reservation process takes place online, which significantly speeds up the formalities and is not complicated. We guarantee the quality of service and speed of response to the needs of our business clients, while saving time, lost business opportunities and money of our clients.

5. Many clients tell us about their problems with complicated procedures and paperwork that need to be done to purchase and finance cars for the company. The requirements set by banks often extend into an endless process, complicated contracts intensify this and limit the business freedom of companies. At ENGO CARS, we have built a 100% online process for booking and servicing ENGO car subscriptions, which undoubtedly ensures 100% solved problems for our clients and allows them to develop in line with the dynamically changing business needs.

6. The expense related to the purchase of cars for the client's company fleet is not treated as an investment, and rightly so because owning cars, maintaining them, spending on their efficient operation and engaging their own capital is a problem for many companies. Our clients prefer to invest their resources in businesses that develop them. ENGO car subscription solves this problem, our clients do not use their capital and can focus on their core business.

7. Among many of our clients, a significant problem is cars left by departing employees and managers from the company. This poses a big problem for both long-term financial and operational commitments. It often blocks the company from making further commitments and forces it to compromise for another employee or an important manager in the company. Getting rid of a car in a company is often a problem and an expense of up to 20%. ENGO car subscription solves this problem because the subscription is a flexible long-term car rental that solves the problem of fixed multi-year commitments.

8. For many companies, the settlement of traffic and parking claims is a challenge and a problem due to the complexity of the process and the lack of competences and resources. ENGO CARS takes over these problems, we are professionally prepared to handle minor parking damage - we have dedicated Smart Detailing - as well as to fully handle traffic damage offered as part of the ENGO Car Subscription.

9. During conversations with clients, we see how important the car insurance process, policy administration and the deadlines of their aspirations are. Customers who have their own or leased cars often raise the problem of managing their own insurance. ENGO CARS responds to these needs and we completely take the burden off the shoulders of our clients, because we are the party to all insurance contracts offered as part of the Car Subscription.

10. Modern companies are changing and often look for solutions in the field of employee benefits that will be attractive to their talents. Thanks to ENGO car subscription solutions, you will create a modern and favorable workplace in your company. In which the needs related to employee mobility will be met both in business and private areas. Give your employees attractive, well-equipped cars and they will reward you with results.


A benefit fit for the 21st century?

By introducing a unique "car allowance" benefit in the form of an ENGO car subscription to your company, you will solve many of the problems described above, respond to the business needs of the company and private employees, an environmentally responsible benefit and extremely flexible for the talents you want to have in your company!


How are we doing?

We will provide an individual consultant for your company, and you will start your ENGO car subscription by creating an account and booking a car on the platform This is a modern car subscription place where you can flexibly and conveniently choose the car you are interested in online and make a reservation with door to door delivery. After the car rental subscription period, we take care of the longer life of the vehicle, and you still have access to an attractive and comprehensive range of cars.



  • Car availability, 24-hour delivery guarantee
  • Flexibility guaranteed
  • Saves time
  • A guarantee of quick response and service quality together with a dedicated customer representative
  • Complete online process
  • Lack of capital and organizational involvement
  • No long-term obligations as in standard leasing or long-term rental
  • Lack of involvement in the settlement of traffic and parking damage
  • Lack of involvement in insurance purchases and renewal dates
  • Minimum formalities and no complicated procedures
  • Convenience of using the latest car models
  • No burden with a tedious sales process
  • Without purchasing and making upfront fees involving the company's capital
  • Door to door delivery
  • The monthly car subscription fee includes everything except fuel
  • Card payment in the account is collected automatically and a VAT invoice is issued
  • 24/7 service

We are committed to the long-term success of our clients. Explore subscription options for your company.


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