Rückgabe des Fahrzeugs

Returning an ENGO vehicle is as easy and pleasant as cars subscription

Our returns process is simple and transparent. Together we will arrange the refund and confirm the final date. To ensure a reliable condition assessment, we outsource this to neutral experts. These are always independent, sworn people working for external companies, i.e. not in the interests of ENGO. Turnaround usually takes about 30-45 minutes. It includes a joint vehicle inspection, photos and signing of a detailed technical evaluation report of the vehicle.

How it's working?

1. Make an appointment for the return​​​​​​
Contact us, write or call, and together we will determine the time and place of return/exchange of the vehicle

2. Prepare the vehicle
Before you return your ENGO car, make sure it is in perfect condition. Follow the returns checklist:

  • Accessories donated: first aid kit; warning triangle; compressor/spare wheel; jack, reflective vest, etc.
  • Service book and vehicle manual
  • The filling/charging level of the tank corresponds to the state at the time of delivery
  • The car is completely cleaned inside and out (if the car requires cleaning and washing, a fee will be charged according to the price list)
  • All personal items, stickers and adhesive films should be removed

3. Return the vehicle
Return the vehicle on the agreed date and wait for the documentation.

4. End of subscription
Assessment of the technical condition and mileage, finally confirmed in correspondence.


If you have individual questions about your next car subscription, we will be happy to help you at any time, please contact us