Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What documents are needed when collecting a rented car?

When collecting the rented car, you must show the following documents: driving license, credit card and photo ID (in the case of international passport or driving license with photo). By creating an account with us, we will need to verify your identity, we will ask you to send a scan of the document. After booking, you will receive an e-mail from us with a confirmation and a reservation number, save it and show it when picking up the car.

When and how to make a payment for renting? Can I pay in cash? Can I make a reservation without a credit or debit card?

In order to maintain the maximum level of convenience and security, we do not accept payments in cash and we have created online payments at your disposal. In your account you add a credit or debit card details (you can add several of them), and then the payment is charged 2 days before the scheduled pickup date. For an additional fee, your payment can also be charged online on the day of pickup. When you make your reservation you can choose the payment option which suits you better. Please note that it is necessary to enter your credit or debit card details in each payment option.. All the time you have an insight into the payment process on your account, transactions are transparent and secured in accordance with the highest standards in the world. Payments processed on the ENGO platform are handled by an international online payment operator.

When will I receive an invoice for renting a car?

The invoice will be generated automatically at the end of the rental period and return of the car. We will send it to you via your email. You will complete the invoice data at the reservation stage. You always have access to them in your account.

How to understand the term of "own contribution"?

The term "own contribution" determines the amount you will be charged if the car is damaged and will be required to be repaired or stolen. The amount of your own contribution depends on the rented car and whether you have bought an additional insurance cover reducing your own contribution to 50% Super Cover (SC) or completely abolishing the own contribution Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW). Standard liability insurance guarantees the basic level of insurance required when renting a car and it is included in the cost of renting a car. If an accident occurs and you damage another vehicle, its passengers or their belongings, it will cover the cost of repairs or possible treatment. In the event of an accident, you always pay a fixed amount of your own contribution - unless you buy a higher level of SC or SCDW insurance coverage, adding it to the cost of renting in the 'Extras' section. The level of own contribution is indicated in 'Car details'. If you want to know more about this issue, check our Regulations.

Am I limited by the limit of kilometers during rental?

The kilometer limit is indicated for each vehicle in 'Vehicle details'.

What to do if an accident happens?

We hope that together we will not experience such situations, but we are prepared for everything. In case of communication damage or any problems on the road, please contact our Call Center +48 22 308 00 01

Who should I turn to if the car breaks down on the road?

We care about the quality of our services and the condition of our fleet of vehicles. However, we are aware that the situation on the road may surprise you. We will not leave you without help, we are for you 24h / 7. All you need to do is contact our Help Center to get the necessary support and help in the crisis situation +48 22 308 00 01

Why was my credit/debit card rejected?

There are several reasons why your credit / debit card may not have been accepted: - the expiry date has expired - you have reached or exceeded the credit limit - you've exceeded the daily limit - you have online or moto transactions blocked on your card - technical problems may have occurred If you have problems making a payment by credit / debit card or making a reservation, please contact our Customer Service Center at +48 22 308 00 01 for help.

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