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ENGO CARS is a Polish brand created by Marcin and Paulina, partners in business and personal life, who have decided to use many years of experience in the automotive and financial industry to build a brand that stands out on the market with a modern service in the form of car subscriptions. The creators of the brand believe that the most important values ​​for them - freedom, modernity and quality - are the basis for using cars in the form of a Subscription.

The ENGO Cars brand is a modern way of living and experiencing exceptional quality in the spirit of use, not possession.

As part of the Subscription, the brand offers the use of cars from renowned manufacturers such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Volvo and BMW. ENGO focuses on offering the richest versions of cars in various segments, including Premium. ENGO offers high quality service and exceeds customer expectations. The Subscription offer includes mainly modern car models in the richest versions, including hybrid ones, and soon also electric ones, reducing environmental pollution.

Mission #FREEDOM
Subscribe to the car - enjoy and be free.

ENGO car subscription is

  • The freedom and flexibility to use the latest car models on a monthly basis.
  • No risk of disappointment,
  • Without buying,
  • Without losing your savings and making initial payments,
  • No long-term obligations as in standard leasing or long-term rental.

How does subscription work?

  • Monthly service, all insurance and service costs are included,
  • The contract is signed electronically, without the need to present a stack of documents and complicated procedures,
  • It is enough to have a payment card from which the payment is conveniently charged every month and an automatically issued invoice,
  • You can terminate your monthly subscription at any time without any notice period or interruption fees.

Such a Netflix on 4 wheels :-)

The ENGO car subscription is primarily for those who value freedom, because you do not have to wait for the car and you can cancel it at any time, you are not bound by contracts for years. For those who value their time and do not want to waste it on piles of documents, complicated contracts and dealing with services, insurance, etc. For those who value the highest quality, convenience of use and minimum formalities.

Life is a constant change, our needs, professional and family situation change, so the ENGO car subscription is always tailored to you.